Queen Bee Social is an entrepreneurial marketing company that helps small businesses and start ups tell their brand story 


As entrepreneurs we get the importance of making every social media post count.  We are committed to expanding your brand's reach beyond local boundaries and tell your story in the process.  We are your story tellers.

So much of what we see is on Social Media. It's almost impossible to run a successful business without it. 

We also know small businesses and start ups don't have access to the marketing teams larger corporations have.  This is where we come in.

Social media marketing has expanded far beyond just "post and pray" that someone buys your product or service. 

It's how we reach more people with our voices.  It's how we connect with people we haven't met in person. It's how we create community among strangers.

why is social media so important? 

tell us...

what's your vision? 

who is your ideal client?

being authentic never felt this good